Benchmark for Blender 2.75+

I had made a cg room and thought since I’m not using it anymore why not let it be used as a benchmark since it is a bit demanding on the GPU. I got 3 minutes and 45 seconds on GPU with dual GTX 970s. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s the link if anyone is interested in testing their Rig. :slight_smile:

Here is what it will look like rendered.

That’s kinda great, two gtx 970 is what I was thinking about getting for my next config.
Now I can compare with my current config, which is around 20min+ on my (laptop) gtx765M, no surprise, didn’t take the time to render till the end since no one gets that graphic card anymore.
Would you say the GTX 970 SLI is worth it?

This is an enteresting benchmark I think, much more demanding than the BMWs. Also the building time is short which is good.

Big file but i’ll give it a go on my Single HD7970.

8:56.54 GPU = HD7970
With the same tile settings… Now im going to try a tile size more optimized for a single card and run it again.

7:23.09 GPU = HD7970. Tile settings 768 x432.

It’s a pretty beefy setup in my opinion. Also quite affordable if you can get the deals online. :slight_smile:

I predict 3 mins 41 seconds with two HD7970s presuming they can both be working on tiles 100% of the time…?

Here’s hoping!:stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone tested to see what happens with tile size 1920 X 1. Like the old days of scan-line rendering?

The GTX970s appear to be double the price of HD7970s on Ebay.

gtx 590, win 7 = 5:20min. original settings.

I got 2:54.28 on a dual GTX780 OC. The older NVidia hardware still has good performance.

@ richmeister4eva, nice desk!
My time:
GTX 960 EVGA ssc: 11:31.76 (384x216)
CPU i7 3770: 23:43.60 (32x32)

So, this scene shows a predictable result regarding the difference between my CPU and GPU (my GPU is about half of my CPU). I guess that this scene does not include hard materials for Cycles GPU :slight_smile:

Thanks! :smiley:

edit: misread

awesome scene … like the details & look of overall scene :slight_smile:
with default setting on my system Gigabyte GTX 750ti 17:48:36 :slight_smile: i m Happy with result because i m learning & My Gpu is just for $157 !!

12:10.89 on an EVGA GTX 960 superclocked.

Nice overall scene.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

E5-2683 v3 CPU: 8:55.54