Benchmark my game intro?


Can anyone please test the speed my game is running at on their pc???
I was blendering along and started to find that my game intro was getting a bit slow. I am using on-board graphics, so not sure if it will work alot faster on others pcs. %| (that have agp / pci express cards etc) :smiley:

I dont need to know your FPS etc, just if its playable on your pc, would be good to know. (and perhaps a few specs of your pc?)

You may need to play this in a dark room to see most detail. [!]

the controls are (not much implemented yet as its the intro):
Mouse = look
P = start intro
Left click = ??? view
Right click = return to character view
ESC or Q = exit to main menu (then press again to exit game)

Hi pXd,

Downloaded your fpstest a couple of times but I get an invalid file error when I try to unzip it. Don’t know if it’s my program or what. Sorry.


Oh, it seems there was a problem with the zip ?

I rezipped it with another program this time and re-uploaded it and updated the URL.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Should all be working now.

Warning slow connexions users, its a 8.3 Mb file :wink:

Intro is fine. Nice mood.

Can’t do/see nothing after intro screen… give us a candle or some light :smiley: !

Runs very fast on my CPU.

2.8 Ghz
1024 RDram
ATI Radeon 9600 All in Wonder

I was wondering with your intro is that a reflection, if so it would look like this. Either way it cool…



Just go to the url to see image,

Been so long since posting forgot how to post an image…


Very impressive! Running Smooth, no slow down or lag.

P4, 1,7 Ghz, Nvidia Geforce 3, 64MB.

Thanks for the feedback!
glad to hear its running ok :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks for the reflection idea. I was just playing with some idea at that point with regards to the heading, cause at the moment its 2 text mapped planes.

Sorry bout the filesize…
I tried converting the .wav files to mp3 and it didn’t work…
then I tried converting the .wav files to ogg… and it didn’t work. %|
Perhaps it was the 2.40 game engine problem?
maybe I should retry it with 2.14.

Runs fine for me now pXd, as numaQ said, nice mood! I had to turn the brightness up on my monitor to see much though so maybe the scene could be a little brighter.

Nice work. jrt.

Thanks. It seemed each time i made it in blender it looked the right darkness, but then when i made it into a .exe, it became alot brighter… so was having a bit of trouble with that…


Very nice intro no problems.
Also running smooth on my system.
You can use pygame for MP3.
Here is some info

Andy’s tutorial of using pygame in blender

Here’s my addition .blend tutorial to his

AMD Athlon™ XP2700+
512 MB

Good luck with your game.

Runs fine here.

AMD 3200+ 64
GeForce 6800GT
2 gig ram

Any chance of a blend file for the linux users on the forums? I ran it in Wine on my Linux box first but it didn’t like it too much. :stuck_out_tongue: Didn’t show the backgrounds and controls didn’t work.

Looks really great though. Did you make the music?

Thanks all for the feedback :slight_smile:

the .blend file is a little bit messy in regards to scripts etc etc
I wonder is there anyway to compile a version for linux also ? not sure…
otherwise maybe try it on a windows box?

Blackpawe ;
thanks for that information, i think if i can figure out how to use pygame and change my sounds to compressed versions I can cut the compiled filesize down by half at least.

The music are freeware loops… the loop creating community are really skilled, pity i cannot compose loops like that myself!

good performance on a 2.5ghz amd +9700 Pro. But the game is VERY VERY dark. :o