Benchmarks - anyone noticed?

More and more YT builders/reviewers etc. are using Blender as a standard tool in benchmarking. GamersNexus, LTT etc. all include Blender when benchmarking. I’m guessing that’s a sign of mainstream acceptance, now.


This has been going on for a while actually. It’s similar to the reason that open movies from the Blender Institute have been used for examples, demos, and benchmarks on video players and projectors. Simply put, they don’t have to pay anyone to use that content (or in the case of Blender, that software) and it’s readily accessible to anyone. Because of that, it’s a natural choice for doing some benchmark tests.

I know someone who works at Intel doing some internal testing. Part of the test is to play Tears of steel in 4k to test the video playback.

Indeed. Further, It is in all actuality a great way to definitively speed test multiple CPUs and GPUs against one another with real-world workloads - as in realistic high-stress and temperatures over a period of time.