Bend a corner of the plane

To bend the corner of a plane like below, I tried using a curve modifier using a Bezier curve. But it was giving strange results. Some help please

Screenshot from 2022-08-03 10-51-40

I got very close to the above once. But most of my attempts were like this while trying curve modifier

Is this close to what you are aiming for?


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Hmm… grid, subdiv, curve modifier:

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Thanks. Image 2 is me using a subdivided plane (25) and curve modifier. Not sure where to use Grid, Geometry Nodes?

@Triple yes, image 1 is from a source I found on the internet.

I saw something like the image 1 for creating a 3D icon

So, here’s how I set up my example.

A plane subdivided diagonally.
A bezier curve animated along the Y-axis.

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Add → Mesh → Grid … an already subdivided plane… and for the rest … as @Triple did :slight_smile:

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This is my Curve Modifier setup, but giving odd results



Not sure how to subdivide diagonally

neither how to animated a curve along an axis.

Try this… diagonally … :
BendPlaneAtCorner.blend (98.6 KB)

or @Triple 's if he post the file…

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Thanks, how / where to use the Grid?

Thanks. If I may, any method other than curve modifier? I really find it hard to get curves into the shape I want. When I use extrude, I expect a straight line, but another bend curve appears and it spoils everything for me.

I understood the method, but shaping curves seems too much for me. Please see my output


You gotta learn how to work with bezier curves, no way around it.

It really helps to select a point and then Scale it to zero on an axis (e.g. “S”->“X”->“0”) to make straight lines.

Also, look here:


I got the idea from:

For the diagonal subdivision, try this trick:

Subdivide an uneven amount of times.
Then use the Un-subdivide function but reduce it from 2 to 1. This will create the diagonal subdivision. This method is also great for other uses like creating a knurled pattern etc.

Working with curves can be a bit fiddly, but I think it’s a good thing to get used to working with.
There are some great tutorials out there that breaks down various workflows when working with curves.

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