Bend around moving object (h264)

If you watch the above video, I need to know how to move the gray band around the blue rotating cam while staying pinned to the two metal cylinders.

I tried the shrink wrap but that just rotated the band all the way around the blue cam.

Adding cloth physics to the grey band might work. Pin the ends of the band and setup the cam as a collision object.

the cloth effect in blender 2.49 is putting too much distortion in the mesh, bends slightly on edge of the cam and wrinkles a bit. In blender 2.55 completely rips the band apart :no:.

Seems to work on a recent build of 2.55.

cloth test.blend (574 KB)

That look good, but the band has too much bounce in it. I need the appearance of a metal band, any idea as to what parameters I should adjust to achieve this effect?

If you just want the mesh to stay straight apart from where it bends around the cam it would probably be better to use shapekeys or a bendy bone armature on the mesh to change its shape as the cam moves.