Bend group of objects along a curve

I’m a newbie but coming up against a fundamental issue. I want to take a group of different objects and bend them along a curve path. I have made them a collection but can’t seem to apply a modifier to a collection, nor can I make an empty and apply the modifier to a box that parents the group of objects. It’s weird - I can make text and apply a modifier to that as a group of objects, so it is possible in the code, right?

Yes, I could merge them to a single mesh and then curve mod that, but then I can’t change them or stuff. I don’t want array because I do want to be able to keep a particular order of quite different objects (or could I do that with array?). Anyway, thank you much for looking and thinking about my problem - I came from sketchup and this is pretty easily accomplished with a group and a plugin there - maybe a plugin is what I need for this in blender too.group_to_Curve.blend (911.2 KB)

I’m not sure, if this is what you mean, but you could:

  1. Add a curve modifier to one object,
  2. Select the others, lastly click on the object with the curve modifier to have it as the active object (should be a brighter orange color siluette)
  3. Press CTRL-L - click modifiers.

Now the curve modifier should be on all objects.group_to_Curve.blend (912.9 KB)

Wow! Thank you so much for the assistance. I absolutely did google that a bunch of times and I’ve used the CTRL-L for a few other things but didn’t see the logic. Super helpful!