Bend mesh to simulate paper or foil

Good evening

Someone has an idea how to bend a mesh like as a piece of paper where the edges are curled for example?
Or that it looks like it follows the underlying surface (uneven table) ?

Problem is, that I do cutouts so to simulate a stencil foil:

But I guess I need to subdivide the base mesh first before applying the boolean difference modifier?

thanks in advance

I’m not sure but I think you can try to use a lattice moddifier.
Good luck

Couple thing…Yes I would Subdivide the mesh to give geometry to support the cut-outs, and possibly a Subsurf modifier…
As far as the other question…you named it, For the corners you can use the BEND tool, use search to find…it is buried under Mesh>Transform>Bend = Shift+W…
and to conform to a rough table use a shrink map modifier…

In this example I just used the Bend function and on R side selected a strip of edges…and on the L, I selected a vertex in from the corner and snapped the cursor to it and then selected the coner 3 vertices…then bend, with proportional editing ON >smooth.

Just a procedural …quick and Dirty texture…