Bend (Numerical Control) ?

Any idea for bending an object 40 degree?

How do you want it bent. Like a pipe being bent or maybe something else. Can you give us a screenshot of what you are doing?



Twisting an object is easy with precise control. I create a Lattice and then rotate top vertices with numerical control. But bending and object precisely is not that easy. Thanks in advance for any idea.

A bend and twist modifier would be great in Blender.

It’s hidden under the “Curve” modifier :). Create the curve you want it to bend on, then have the “Ob:” setting in the modifier point to that curve.
Note: you will have to subdivide your mesh for the result to be curved.

I have been trying curve modifier. But the problem is that I still can not figure out how to make a curve 40 degree bended?

‘Spin’ a circle using 40 for the ‘Degrees’ and at least 4 (more will produce a smoother curve) for the ‘Steps’.

In my opiniion best results are achieved by using Bezier Circle as Curve modifier.
The setting are as foolows:
Bezier Circle (BC) - make sure CurveStretch button is off (it is by default)
“Angle” object (object consists of two edges with the desired angle between them)
Parent “Angle” to the BC
Select the object you want to bend and create curve modifier with BC as modifying object.
Scale the BC until the bended object fits between the two edges of the “Anlgle” object.
Bellow is an example of this technique.
I know that it is not precise but for purposes of general modeling gives a good results. Actually it will be nice if Blender have a Bend modifier (I read somewhere that soon we’ll have one)


Your solution looks quite good. I will try that and I think in that way we can do precise control on object.

Thanks Syziph.

You mean ‘a bend and twist modifier will be great in Blender’ . . .

(Simple modifier development)

Ok, let’s say I have this mesh set up like this. I have a side (NUMPAD 3) ortographic (NUMPAD 5 as needed) view of it. See the position of the cursor (whose position is adjustable through the View->View Properties panel) relative to the mesh. It was subdivided using a CTRL + R, 8, ENTER with the mouse cursor on the cube.
Given that initial state, if I press SHIFT + W, and then type in 30 (angle), this will be the output.
Maybe this will work for what you want. It’s the Wrap tool. You could take a look at Blender’s official manuals because I don’t really know how to use it well.

EDIT: It seems you gotta have the mesh to be bent set up like a “plane” on the ground. I mean that the edges that will be “spread” to make it a curve must be orthogonal (the opposite of paralel) to the X.Y plane. In other words, the edges will be “enveloping” the cursor as aligned to the global Z axis. Yet another try: the source object’s Z axis will act as normals for positioning of the edges/vertexes of the resulting object around the 3D cursor.

Hmm. I hope I’m being clear. I doubt I’d understand myself in this. Well just play with it like I did. I’m confident that it’s the tool you’re searching for. (Faster than the bezier workaround IMHO)


EDIT 2: Somebody give me feedback on this explanation. :smiley:

I also gave a thought on this option, viniciusbmeirel
You have to solve one problem before applying Warp tool - you have to find the center of the circle at the given angle, which position depends of the angle itself and the object’s height (or bending line). It is difficult but not impossible. Then you have to place the 3D cursor in that center and then to apply Warp. Below the steps are shown.
As you can see many tools are involved to create a bend with wrapping but definitelly this is more precise way :cool:


That’s right. Given the diversity of situations where you could need a bent mesh, maybe the bezier curve will fit better in some cases, depending of what you have and what you want.

By the way, Syziph, your posts are very well explained. You must be a very good tutorial maker.

Can’t say I am good at making tutorials.
Just I’m glad to find a topic like this and help in one task that has multiple applications :slight_smile:

Thanks for the answers. Looks a bit difficult. I am gonna try it. But what if you change your mind after a while and you wanna bend it 55 degree. You must do the whole thing from the beginning. In precise modelling we must have some parametric way. I am trying on Lattice for that reason. But thanks for the answers. Those ways are quite good.

It’s not that difficult :slight_smile: And the setup won’t take more than a few minutes. And do a simple math calculations :slight_smile:
Maybe I should make a video demonstration on these two variants?

In case of bending angle (ba) 55 degr. - the restoring angle (ra) must be:
55+2x = 180
x = 62.5
62.5 + 90 + ra = 180
ra = 27.5 dergr.
The formula is: ra = 180 - (90+(180 - ba)/2)

Good news!

There is a build on . Download APRICOT build for windows. And you will see a very good snaping tools. I think I got something parametric. After having some result I would like to share it.

Blender 2.49 has been released. And there is a SimpleDeform Modifier including Bend, Twist, Stretch, Taper commands. Thanks to Blender developers.

You mean 2.48?!
Well, it makes life easier, isn’t it? :slight_smile: