bend objects?

is there a way to bend a 3d object in blender? i want to make a comic style city and therefor i need to bend the skyscrapers and trafic lights and so on.


Just add a lattice, make it big as you need and with as many control points as you need.

Parent object to lattice and then start moving lattice cntrol points.


P.S. Look around for a tut…

i was going to suggest armatures but lattices are probably the best way to do it. if you make a mistake you can also go back to the original easily by pressing ‘make regular’. save first in case you don’t want to change it though (i know out of experience :stuck_out_tongue: )


If you want to have a static bending, one that doesn’t change throughout
the animation (of course, if you want to animate), than I would suggest using a Lattice. Otherwise, use Armatures.


Lattice and Armature bending is good.

try PET (Proportional Editing Tool) too. Works only in edit mode though.

my 2 cents.


thx for all the replies! :slight_smile: