Bend text like this (greyscalegorilla)


Just watched Nick’s (greyscalegorilla) excellent Cinema 4D tutorial on making bent text.
Does anyone know if we can bend text like this in Blender 2.5?
I can’t seem to replicate the bending part at all, his result is great though :yes:

Watch his C4D tutorial here

You can get pretty close with a SimpleDeform modifier. See the attached file. In cinema you can get a grid of quads as a cap instead of triangles, you’ll see this problem when lighting the scene… good luck!


texto.blend (65.2 KB)

Wow… great stuff :slight_smile:
Thanks for sharing your blend.

I notice that you get very different results and quality with different fonts, some just doesn’t look good when bent, while others work better.

I like to see Nick’s great stuff and always hope it’s possible to do in Blender.
Now it’s only to get the light, highlights, shadows and mood right to, not as easy as it looks for Nick :eyebrowlift2:

you could also use the Warp tool to bend text !
check wiki on this effect !

happy 2.5

Any way to avoid text getting broken when bent?
In Cinema they simply add detail without even convert the text to a mesh.
I’ve tried converting it to curves and doing some sub devide to it, or convert it to a mesh and sub devide… and also used the sub modifier, but some letters mostly seems to get some nasty breaks.

Even though Joel did a awesome job replicating Nick’s text thing by using knife to manually add more mesh detail i hope it is (or will be) an easier way to add more detail to text objects in the future.

You could also achieve this effect very easily by using a lattice. Just shape the lattice to the curve you want, then put your text inside it.

well you could also trace over the font with polygons. that way you get MUCH cleaner geometry, and you can deform it however you would like. its time consuming but can produce very good results.

what i had in mind…


blenderLogo.blend (1.16 MB)

max11D, looking good :eyebrowlift:

I just would be so much happier if we didn’t have to convert the text before trying to bend it with a lattice or other way.
When i look at the C4D control over text i just get jealous :frowning:
Text should be kept as editable text, we just need to add geometry (like with the lattice/or like in C4D) to the text, then we could bend it all we want.