Bend to fit in Blender 2.5

I am trying to map a roof full of tiles onto a roof line that sags in the middle, but the tiles run horizontaly and not with the line of sag. Apart from drawing a sagging roof, THEN applying it, is there any way to map an image into each face without disrupting the “look” of the the rows.


You should be able to be fairly precise with texture placement using UV mapping…

Have a rectangular uv map but sagging geometry (use Follow Active Quad unwrapping to reset it if it’s not already.)

Thanks Ecrivain,
that works very well. This forum is a good source of advice and help.

Having at last been able to get my medieval roofs to sag, my next hurdle is getting the bump maps to match the texture.
As the UV mapping is done with active quad unwrapping, ( thanks Ecrivain ), can I copy the UV and then us the material positions to copy over to the bump map?
:confused: Dicon

If the bump map is just a bump map version of the color map (texture), then you can just use the same uv layout and just apply the bump map. But if it doesn’t line up with the color map then under Object Data (the triangle with 3 points) find UV Texture and add a new one. It creates a default UV map so you’ll have to unwrap it again and then in your bump map settings under Mapping, when UV is selected a Layer box appears; from there select the new layer.