BEND tool ? ;)

hi there fellow blenderites,

I am trying to take a V shape and create a CUP/U shape out of it…is there no bend tool in blender ?..I have tried varoius things like Shift-W and such but nadda…


Well, there is a lack of info, but I think you want to use the Curve modifer.

Just add a Curve:Path, and then name it something easy to remember ( like…Curve ( the standard name) ) then place adjust it in a proper location, and then go to your object, add a modifier: use the curve one.
Set the proper axis to deform, and then make your path bend to your shape, and there you go.

You can also get some nice curves using Falloff (O key). may take a bit of experimentation to get the result you want though.

HI sorry for late reply just been real busy :(…I tried this approach but im not having a great deal of luck getting effect . I am simply trying to get a thin cylllinder to curve upwards to create a arch shape as you might see at top of a arbor ( but ends need to be flat ). I also wanted to say I have no idea what you mean by ‘make your path bend to shape’ ?

If I understood what that meant I suppose I would have my answer lol

Thanks to you both for help

bye for now

lattice deform in the modifers enables you morph shapes allot. If you are trying to animate a shape deform try shape keys

EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT: I searched at online manual and I think its good enough to get me there…if not I shall reply here again. thx as always

I’m sorry but this is not enough information as I 'm not a s e asoned professional at using blender :frowning:

I have my long think cyllinder created…I made a lattice to go over it at size U6V10W4. I then tried to deform it using modifier but I have no idea how this is actually done ; could someone please elaborate or send me to a ‘current’ TUT describing this :(()


you can always post a .blend sometimes its easier to fix it then write long posts to on how to. The should get you there.

The tool you are looking for is the warp tool, I think. It is used to bend a mesh around a specific center by any amount you desire. Here’s a link to the blender wiki for you: link

That was super fast and easy using warp tool…did exactly what I’d hoped which was a nice arch shape ;))

thanks so much for pointing out this little known tool as I was getting nowhere using the lattice at least with a cyllinder shape.

cheers :wink: