Bend went wrong way!

I thought the rigify rigging was seemed jumped level and very easy… I was looking for tutorial to understand the concept and understand how rig works basically. So, I finally found the right tutorial and watched the basic rigging tutorial through. What I did was before parenting with automatic weight, I set right axis of upper and lower legs as well as IK leg. After parenting with automatic weight, the mesh was deform in arms and legs. So, I adjusted lower legs and arms to get mesh look better. I moved IK leg and the bend of leg went opposition way. I struggled to get the axis into right but the mesh turned into deform… Help me to get to get bend goes forward in front of body.

Before generating your rig, put a slight bend in the direction that you want the leg to bend. It’s not rigify, it’s how the IK solver works. You should not have to touch any of the other bones other then the metarig if that is what you did.

ok i can try that… thanks…

Same advice for the elbows, as well, since the same thing might happen to them.

-you can set a target for IK which i think you have, but you can also set the angle for it under the bone constraints tab