Bended human back in blueprint - How to unbend?

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Can this (UV mapping) be a solution to get an upright back to get the shape of back?
Or is there a other solution for it?
But if using my begun solution how to get fixed the mesh in its fitting proportions?(Length, broadness, and interpolating the sections)

No. UV mapping only changes where portions of a picture are mapped on to your model, no matter how much you push and pull verts in the UV editor you won’t change the actual geometry of your mesh. I would say just get a better reference, that one is rather poor.

To get preciesselier:
I tried to track the features which are seen in a way that it as projected on rectangular mesh gives a upright form. hm for her back i maybe can ask her for better fotografs. had her contacted over a while only via chatt and that on a distance of just 4 km:eek:

You don’t want to uuse uv mapping, this is where sticky textures can be of use. Here’s how: First load the image in the 3D view port as a background image. Go to front view, numpad 1, and set the camera to this view Ctrl + Alt + numpad 0). Add a bezier curve and trace her outline. When finished , close the curve with C key. Tab back into object mode and convert the curve to a mesh with Alt + C key. Add a new material to the mesh and switch to the texture buttons (F 6). Load the photo as an image texture. Switch to edit buttons (F9) and click on the “Make” button next to the word sticky. Go back to the material buttons. On the “Map Input” tab click “Sticky”. Be sure that you move the light in your scene to a location between the camera and the mesh before rendering. Now that you have sticky coordinates applied to the mesh you can disttort your mesh and the texture will distort to match.

Edit: It’s easy to manipulate the mesh if you use a lattce.
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