Bender [UPDATED 08/14/03]

I started working on my model of Bender from Futurama. Well, here t’is…

I made hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis… FEET!

I know, not much to comment on right now, but hey, rag on it all you’d like…

[!] UPDATES [!]

–My attempt at making his chest thinger–

–Added a Knob for his Chest Deely and also made a Texture for his Legs–

–Fixed the “jaggies” and gave him arms–

–Gave him hands–

IMPRESSIVE [!] [!] [!] [!] [!] [!] [!] [!] [!] [!] [!] [!] [!] :wink:

I’d change the backgroud color from black to a very dark gray :wink:

Damnit, that’s not an insult!!! Did I say compliment it? I think not!

Didn’t you model the half spheres from the scratch, I mean without using the the default objects :o
Oh well, I see. Assume you even have duplicated the second half sphere. :-?
I’m very dissapointed. :<

There… Now, was that so hard?

Anyway, I like your style.

I LOVE Futurama and also Bender. And let’s say I really had my hopes up, until the image finished loading. :frowning: oh well, you can keep modelling. his legs shouldn’t be hard, and his body is just a cylinder. the only part that might be a bit tricky is his “face”.

yeah, that was the first thing i tried to make… it didn’t turn out right… so i made his feet, instead…

and have you ever noticed how the knob deely on his body deely changes sides?

very… . … interesting

wow, best looking feet I’ve ever seen done in blender.

this must be rendered in yafray, right? you just can’t get that feeling of reality in blender… looks like photo.

really, really REALLY waiting to see how the knee will look like.


Yafray… hahaha… I can’t use yafray, i’m too stupid…

Well, you’re in luck! I still have to texture it all, but I think I have the basic shape down…

I know the legs need to be a little longer, and the lighting makes it look like there’s a big chunk missing out of his foot, but those will be fixed in the next render.

Here’s my latest update:

Made the legs longer, made his body, and made an attempt at his chest cabinet deely, i don’t like it much… but oh well…

woah dude, you should stop right there! you’ve put a lot of work on yourself! you should like take a break, and go to like, Hawaii :smiley: oo, I figured out my next smilie to make! finally!

doesnt he have… like… a knob of sorts on his door thing?

Surely with a project with this huge attention to detail, you have to model one thing at a time. :smiley:

Will his chest compartment open?

I think the little chip that’s missing from his foot might be a Subsurf artifact from an inverted normal, but like you say Jeeves, this might be due to the lighting setup.

Keep going,



at the top there. tut tut tut. geez, the youth these days.

ooooh you have to toon shade thin guy too…

then it will kick arse.

I’m not sure yet, I’m hoping to make it open, but then I’d hafta do a lot of cutting out a hole, and, well, I’m lazy…

the pics dont work for me :frowning:

Here’s the latest work I’ve done, and I’m not gonna work on it anymore today… Maybe not tomorrow, either… ANYwho… Here t’is…

Added a knob and leg textures… Now that there’s more to complain about, get at it!

I still need to fix the “jaggies” at the top of his body, but I’m too lazy…

It’s been a while since I’ve worked on this, and this is what I’ve done…

I gave him arms, fixed the “jaggies”, and now I’m on to the hands… The thing where the arms meet the body looks kind of awkward to me, maybe I’ll fix it eventually…