Bender user won prize in CGChallenge XXI - Strange Behavior

Blender user Anna Celarek won prize for Best Art Direction for her animation “The Cat” in Ctalk’s CGChallenge XXI - Strange Behavior!

The jury’s motivation:
“The art direction is excellent. The sketchy render style with ambient occlusion really bring the whole setting to life with a whimsical storybook feeling. A great example of a bold and simple render style that enhances the subject and is technically easy. Bravo.”

View her entry

This very good publicity for Blender. Thanks and congratulations Anna!

I’ve seen that. I think it was mentioned on Blendernation… it’s absolutely fantastic work. Apparently it was her first ever Blender animation too, if I remember right. I’m eager to see what she comes up with once she gets the hang of it!

Indeed! and so did i notice the announcement @ cgsociety!
Congrats to Anna!

Good job. I like your style.

Great composition (thirds). Love cats. Congratulations.

I’m joining the crowd,
Congrats, Anna!

/ Mats