Something a little different :slight_smile:

Bender in Blender! Cycles, Substance Painter 2, PS CS6.
Non-compressed version

LOL! That’s excellent! That is Bender, no doubt about that.
Great work!

Nice job, eyes don’t look like glass though. They look pretty flat. Otherwise it’s pretty cool.

Thanks for the comments guys :slight_smile:

Awesome. Best character in the cartoon :slight_smile: Good job!

I like it, great textures!

free corn…
it does kinda classy up the place.
louder and sadder!
remember meeeee…
I think that is enough quotes from that episode…I think that was all one episode???
I love futurama…I think it is my favorite show of all time…well done. I really like how Bender turned out…My personal opinion is that he still needs a cigar.

No wait you’re serious.

Please insert liquor.

I think we all LOVE Bender in this place :wink: Besides is an excellent job. Congratulations! Perfect mix: Bender with Blender :wink:

Have a nice days!

“Bite my shiny metal ass.”


Where do you want me to start? :eyebrowlift2:

Love it! 5 stars! :slight_smile:

This is amazing

Thank you guys :slight_smile:

I really love it!

congrats! well done! Nice bender-blender :slight_smile:

I like a lot the scene and the character. Perhaps, it looks too much that shining floor.

Can i request Zap Brannigan?

WOW! This is incredible! I’ve always loved Futurama (really, I watch at least 2 times a day :D), and what you did is amazing, gave the realism but at the same time the cartoon effect. Congratulations. I’d like to ask only one question: Where are Blender’s (oops), Bender’s beer. Thank you to post. Five stars *****

Very good and impressive (obviously), but perhaps a tiny bit overproduced? All the grunge and reflectivity fighting for attention. Other than that, a nearly flawless work.