Benderguru Steampunk Competition / Train interior

Started to work on my scene for blenderguru yesterday. Its going to be inside of a train.

A little update of my scene

This proves that anything can be steampunked, even a chair.:stuck_out_tongue: It’s looking great so far, definitely following this one.:slight_smile:

Working on the materials now.
If you have any suggestions please let me know.

It looks like the bump on the leather is too strong/not small enough, other than that it’s looking awesome.:smiley:

Next update for my scene.
Text will be adding a kind of a character.

Added a teddy bear for a little story to the scene, how do u guys think of this idea?

It looks awesome!

So well, almost finished. Just some few little changes needed.

crazy talented!

the scene has a great amount of detail, and i get the it supposed to be dimly lit, but i think you have gone too dark, a lot of the detail is lost

Man, that’s a cool project! Fantastic.

But it would definitely benefit from some more light. To me it was much more steampunk in #4, because the metal parts show up there. And you my want to change the camera positon a bit, to show that this is the inside of a train. Showing some part of the curved roof would help, maybe.

I absolutely love the steampunk teddy bear in #7!

I gave it another render, took abou 53 hours. But i am in fact not happy with it.
Can u maybe point out what i could change?

I think some light rays coming in through the window area would look great, it would give it a dusty abandoned feel.:slight_smile:

Wow! Nice work! I agree with the rays idea, that would help a lot. I also feel like there is too much space at the bottom right of the image.

here is a small update, added some cobwebs and changed the seatcolor to red for more attention. Next i am goint to improve the cobwebs and try to place them also somewhere else. Also i am going to add some more details and objects to the table and shelf.

Don’t feel bad man I can see your losing your way a bit. Go all the way back to post #6 if you can as far as lighting and camera position. I think the addition of some more interior bluish glowing lights along the top of the train car (from behind the camera to the right side of view) would provide the missing lighting and accent the redish colored seat nicely. Keep the lighting outside the train very bright and over contrasted which is how it would be in real life and it fits the lighting on the bear better than the rest. Just my two cents:) Good work overall (the cobweb are pretty rough…I would eliminate those:) ) Happy Blending!

Yes, the cobwebs kind of ruin it in my book. Blur the background outside the window as well. Too focused for such a shot

I like the new angle, although I think the cobwebs are unnecessary. The texture on the bear’s sign needs work, mainly because it’s too “neat” to have a handwritten look.

going another way now and try to make it more light and open without losing the focus on the teddybear