Bender's sketchbook

Hello everyone,

Here’s a little opening pice made with Dyntopo + ZB Polypaint. Rendered in Cycles + BI (for SSS) and tweaked in PS.

Dyntopo + pure render


Glad to see that the pure 3D work is very close to the final image. Aside from the obvious (background, effects, color correction) the only tweaks I can see are the added hairs and some embellishment in the skin texture.

Nice job balancing fine details with big shapes! My favorite kind of sculpture!

Glad you like it, BlendRoid :slight_smile:

Here’s another one. Slightly stylized shaman/ necromancer bust. Same procedure: dyntopo -> polypaint -> cycles + BI-> PS.

Dyntopo + pure render:


Very nice sculpts and renders! The workflow is interesting for me. Can you post an image of the compositing of the cycles+BI renders?

nice to see pure dynatop sculpts. i like both… so, your render is the painted dynatopo? did you make uv in zbrush for exporting the polypaint as texture?

@esgeee, here you go!


Yes. The painted suculpt is a pure render without any PS improvements. I make uv map in Blender (Smart UV Project).


awesome work and im asking the same as doris :stuck_out_tongue:

ah, thanks. i see…

All characters that you present us are impressive !

I like it, thanks! However i try to focus on the new cycles sss shader.

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I make uv map in Blender (Smart UV Project).

well done! Cool results.
Smart UVs? Really?
A thousand islands on a dense mesh?
Next time try UVmaster in zbrush.
And, why not? Sculpt the whole thing in zbrush. Use zremesher, UV it. Do it decently.
No hard feelings. I just can’t follow your workaround.

Agree with michalis, use uvmaster. Amazing feature for unwrapping sculpts.
Truly stunning work. I like the small shards coming the from first sculpt. Nice touch to add a tiny bit more interest in your final image.
I should try that out too. I think it will work awesome with dyntopo sculpts.

Thank you all guys! :slight_smile:

@michalis, AlinB

Sure, I can use ZB tools for uv maps, retopo, etc. But I want to stay in Blender as much as I can :slight_smile: To be honest, if I had a better hardware, I wouldn’t use even the ZB polypaint feature (which is obviously great). I’m aware that it is not the best and most effective workflow, but it’s the way I want to work (for now) :slight_smile:

Kind regards.

So… Another piece. Same (coarse) workflow :wink: Same tools. A bit more tweaks in PS this time.

Pure render + dyntopo


These are great. Very good characters and renders. 5 from me.

Very good, last one post. !

Sure, I can use ZB tools for uv maps, retopo, etc. But I want to stay in Blender as much as I can :slight_smile: To be honest, if I had a better hardware, I wouldn’t use even the ZB polypaint feature (which is obviously great). I’m aware that it is not the best and most effective workflow, but it’s the way I want to work (for now)

I very well know what you mean. Especially these days, after a hardware disaster, working on a core2duo seven years old machine. Zbrush is still workable.
Please, apologies if needed. I just wanted to say, the easier way is the best. If someone owns zbrush. Or 3dcoat or something similar.
To stay in blender, just because we love it, might be helpful for further development of our beloved application. Not necessarily the best way to go. As seen from an artistic point of view.
BTW, whatever powerful hardware you can get, vertexpainting-blender won’t perform well at all. It is one of the to-do things in blender development.

Awesome work man!

michalis, AlinB Thanks! :slight_smile: it’s very motivating :slight_smile:

… and another one… :smiley: But there is something wrong with this one (probably the white “paint” on his face is a bit to bright; also the background doesn’t work as it should) :confused: I’m not entirely happy :\ Anyways… moving on.

Pure render + dyntopo

a quick head before bed

good night.

I have to say, the modeling on most of these are very good and the texture work is nothing short of professional.

The fish creature especially looks good with the glossy material and SSS, giving it a very wet and slimy look. The shading and lighting however kind of gives a blown out and/or ‘dry’ look with a couple of these.

Now it is obvious that the sculpting is good on most of these, the quick head especially considering the smaller amount of time allocated to it.