Bending a cactus arm

HI Folks:

I have a project coming up where I need to make some cacti. In cross section, cacti have ribs around the barrel. I watched a video yesterday about how to use a Nurbs circle and a curve to make a bendable pipe.

What I would like to be able to do is to make my own cross section to be placed around the curve. I tried doing it with a mesh circle, which didnt work, can someone suggest how to do this?


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I’m not sure waht do you mean, but you can add curve modifier to a mesh so it follows the curve and maintain its shape.
i’ve made a simple file with the setup for you (2.8 only) cactus.blend (644.1 KB)

You can use a CURVE as the cross section to another curve. This is probably the only thing you’re doing wrong.

Also, next to the Bevel Object box is a Taper Object box… this can control the shape of the curve so you can have it get narrower at the ends… or in the middle for that matter.

There are several ways to do this I’ll try to remember to give you an example when I get home. One simple way would be to create a mesh cross section of a cactus, put it along an array, then bend the array with a curve modifier and beier curve.

I’ll be livestreaming a vid on how to do this in a few minutes.

Also edge mesh and Skin Modifier+subsurf

I’m leaving the video unlisted on my channel because, like an idiot, I started recording with my mic muted. That being said you can see how I made a cross section, put it to an array, then used a curve modifier.

Blend file is here

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Thank you very much – excellent tutorial – cant wait to try it