Bending a Page


i am trying to reccreate this mockup for a client to present my broshure but i am struggeling to create the bending page effect on the first page. I have already tried evertyhing…i worked with curves, simple deform and laplacian deform but cant manage to get it to look like just like on the picture.

I only need to bend the first page like that so that the viewer gets the feeling as if he is turning the page by himself.

every help is appropriated!

on method would be to use a Nurb surface bend it as you wish in 3D
then convert to mesh and add image!

happy bl

You can either use the proportional edit mode and move the most outer vertex on the Z axis. As an advanced method, you can create a vertex group so you only modify verts that should move. Most of the surface deform modifiers, like bend, accept vertex groups for example.

In another way, you can create a simple face, subdivide it, move the bottom right vertex up and smooth the transition with a subsurface modifier.

Subdiv method attched as example
page.blend (537.0 KB)

Thank you very much! i used the method u mentioned first. The one with the proportional edit!!

But o have one more little question, when i use the proportional deform how can i make that the outer borders stay stiff, because i looks like fabric instead like paper (150g/m2)

the bending looks fine but the outer edges look to elastic

Something got wrong with your upload so i can’t see it. But in the example i attached, i used edge creasing with a value of 1 on any edge that should stay sharp. Creasing is used with OpenSubdiv workflows. Crease values are linear 0-1 (unset a edge crease requires -1 and then pressing enter)

Control of individual mesh parts is also often archived with vertex groups.

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ohh i am sorry i have uploaded the image… i am talking about the outer vrtices.they should be not affected when i prooduse the bend proportional editing

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I gave it another try by just adding 2 additional loops on each side withing the base plane. Then i switched to orthographic front/side/top views and just selected the bottom right vertex. If you activated proportional editing, use your Mousewheel to adjust the circle of influence (white circle). I also did some manual editing with Edge Slide on a few vertices. Between that, i selected some of the top and right vertices and pressed H to hide them, so no operation will affect them. To bring them back, press Alt+H. To keep all outer edges sharp and have them not affected by the Subdivision modifier, crease all edges with a value by 1. To keep them sharp and untouched when you edit the cover, Hide (H) them.

I increased the subdivision one time to see if it allows for better results, but there is already enough topology within 3 steps. If some vertex goes out of X or Y space and cause a crease, manually bring it back in line with activated Vertex Snapping to one of the most outer verticies.

page_bend.blend (553.4 KB)

Most perfect results can be archived, when the cover is unwrapped and a vertical stripes texture is added.

u sir deserve some serious love !! thank you !

I tend to use Curves to shape most of the pages in anything I’m doing which is book-like and then using a wee bit of proportional editing to lift a corner or two a little at the end