Bending a plane

Hi, how can we bend a plane like this, smoothly ? I am trying to have the bending edges bevelled ( curved ) to make it look like a smooth bend. Thanks.

Fake it. Model a simple base shape and then bevel it.

bent_ribbon.blend (133.4 KB)

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I am not sure how to make the base shape in Blender. The OP image is made with Inkscape. Thanks.

Update : Manage to create basic shape using Inkscape and extrude edges using Blender.

Well, that works. To do it completely in Blender:

  1. Start with a plane.
  2. Make it a rectangle.
  3. Take the knife tool and make two angled cuts close to left and right ends.
  4. Delete the faces on both end so you’re left with a parallelogram.
  5. In edge mode take the end edges and extrude them up slightly.
  6. Take each end edge individually and extrude in the appropriate direction.
  7. Cut the ends off again or flatten them using the scale tool.
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Thanks. It works nice :sunny:

But I am not able to bevel edges even if I try Object > Apply > Scale

Look in the example file that I posted above, it’s all there :slight_smile: Disable all modifiers and see. Enable the face orientation overlay, check that normals are pointing consistently (if they’re not, flip the relevant faces or recalculate normals). On the bevel example, I’m using the Bevel modifier instead of Bevel tool. So that in edit mode you can see which edges are being beveled (they will be highlighted because I gave them bevel weight).

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