Bending complex object to contour, preserve shape

How would you go about bending a complex object to a local contour? (as in the curve that is nearby said complex object). What is the best way to go about this that will work in most situations?

Would you do this with a curve object and do it by eye and use a modifier to apply curve? Or maybe a lattice?

I tried to make a “complex object” example for the purposes of this question. I am asking this because the advice contained in this video did not work for my current project. The object became distorted when I followed the tutorial:

bend complex object to contour.blend (4.5 MB)

A lattice would probably be the easiest way, in this case

Are you sure you followed the tutorial correctly ?? Was the plane in the middle of your “object” ?? :

hmm, post the project, I want to put your example through some tests, manipulate the shape a little bit.

thank you.

To make this “safe” i slighty modifed the “object” :wink: (and also deleted the back of the sphere but added some bumps and you also have to bind the object and enable the display modifer for the plane for yourself
to make the file much smaller ~6% of the original) … because of the already bend form of your object it would be better to use not a plane but a more rounded base… maybe even seelcting some of the border vertecies and make the bending controller geometry from it… (that’s the reason of the hovering and covering) which of course would be also deformed by the shrinkwrap… in this lowres version it sometimes gets haywire… but i think you want to position this on a very special place anyway… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And the blend:
bendObject2contour_safe.blend (282.4 KB)

It does not freaking work with the object! Yes it’s a NSFW object, but the original object I posted is very safe already and indeed it does work with your method but for some freaking reason the actual nsfw object just does not work with this method!

Look at your Personal Messages…

Turns out I needed to apply scale. Scale was 1.0 / 1.0 / 0.143 and that was screwing things up.