Bending plane smoothly / Connecting 2 planes with curved plane


I have 2 square planes and they are on different heights( Z-location). I want to connect them with smooth curved planed such it creates a slope upwards. Positioning all edges manually can’t get the smooth result I’m after.

EDIT: @finalbarrage method was what I was looking for, thanks !

so you want to make a spiral that goes upwards?

in this exsample i used an empty witch you can find at the bottom of the spiral. by rotating and moving this empty, you can easily manipulate the spiral.


blendsupport.blend (429 KB)

also, remember, you have to use the merge distance value in the array modifier in case the spiral turns into a staircase.

That was exactly what I was looking for, thank you !

More freedom to your slope, 2 curves to make slope, vertex snap curve points to edge vertices and use Bsurfaces.