Bending script

Is there any type of python script that will bend a mesh? For example if I have a long flat plane is there a script that I could use to bend that plane into a circle? I’ve looked around and havn’t found anything as of yet.

You could try that with the curve modifier. It’s really versatile.

Okay so that brings up another question…

How exactly is the curve modifier to be used? I’ve tried it and it certainly didn’t give the expected result to say the least. (ended up with my object slanted)

try subdividing the plane so that it has more than one face to calculate the bend from…

Well the plane has already been subdivided several times before bending. Basicly it seems to just pivot on the center axis of the curve without bending the mesh.

I get the same thing. Windows, Cygwin. It seemed like there might be the possiblity of assigning vertex groups before assigning the modifier but still no go. If the vertex group is not all inclusive then only the assigned group will deform when the plane is moved but said assigned group will still remain in its original unbent state.

Exactly. That’s why I was wondering if there as a script or plugin to do that. It just seemed that in all the time that blender has been out that there’d be some sort of script like that. (since there’s pretty much a script for everything else.)

It kind of looks like the old curve deform from parent isn’t working either? The same flat edges are showing.

If you’d like to try or use an older version of blender:
-add a straight tube, ensure enough length and cross sections to cover the curve.
-add a bezier curve and shape to desired form
-make the curve the parent of the tube and select Curve Deform for type.

try an armature then… make about 6 bones, parent the grid (not plane) to the armature with teh make groups option, assign the vertex groups to the proper verticles in edit mode…
then be sure to turn off teh envelopes button and turn on the Automatic IK button…

now you should be able to bend and curve your grid with the armature, just select the last bone, and press G to grab and bend it…

hope this helps

Got it. The key to doing it is that you make the curve in the top view mode and then use the modifier. That’ll make it look like a frizzbie/throwing discus. To get it to look like a tube rotate the curve (with the modifier still on) along its Y axis aproximitly 90 degrees. You’ll get what looks like a tootsie roll. Then just scale the plane to the desired size and hit “apply” on the modifier.

hmm, works. Not very intuitive no? Thanks for the info.:slight_smile: