Bending the end of an object 90 degrees?

In Maya I saw there was a way to bend just the end of an object to a 90[SUP]o [/SUP]angle. So you could have a tube with a bend like this on the end.

I’m sure there’s a simple way to do this that I’m just not aware of. Thanks much!

Select vertices and then ‘spin’ them (Spin button under Mesh Tools in tool palette, or just Alt+R). By default, spin is view-dependent, and spins around 3D cursor. You can adjust angle, number of steps, rotation axis and center in tool options (in tool palette, or in F6 window).

What Stan forgot to say is that the Spin tool generates new vertices and faces. You can use it only to create the bend. If you want to bend some already existing geometry, there are solutions too, like the Warp tool. Come back for the second round, we’ll try not to hurt too much your head with the pipe. :wink:

You can also use the SimpleDeform modifier set to Bend

or the Screw modifier with a controlling empty


Cool, thanks guy! These seem to work well just not quite as well as the one thing I saw for Maya.