I need to bend a plank so i used the curve modifier

it worked.
but i need the planks to be straight then bend then straight, and repeat.
i don’t see where i can IPO it.
any ideas?

PS 2.49a and i hope eventually to have someone walk on the plank (I know that is hard) and have the plank spring up and down as they walk!


BEND.blend (134 KB)


Unlike some other modifiers, curve modifier does not have an influence value. Take a loo at the attached. I parented the curve to the board, and added an empty also parented to the board. Next, I selected the empty, shift selected the curve, tabbed into edit mode and assigned the empty as a hook to the 2 interior control points. Then I locked the empty so that it can move only in the z axis. Now, animating the empty along the Z axis will bend and un-bend the board.

Best of Luck!


BEND_001.blend (44.6 KB)

Another way, just for reference, is with shape keys:

that looks great
thanks very much

thanks - almost understand that!

np.The method for your plank would be to model the plank, add a shape key, to keep that shape, and then curve the plank and add another shape key. That way, you could easily change between the two “states”, the curved state and the straight state. Hope you understand;)

See attached for more examples


BEND_002.blend (47.4 KB)