Bendy bone handles

Edit: Forgot to add link to github

Yet another blender add-on to add a new bendy bone object with handles. Several these have been made, most don’t work with 2.8 any more. This one does. It adds a bendy bone as a new object in the same way you would add an armature. Support coming soon for being able to add handled bendy bones into existing armatures in edit mode. For now just arrange them and join them in as you go. Tested with 2.80 and 2.81. Includes all the drivers needed for scaling both ends of the curve and changing the weight of each handle sort of like a bezier. The last version I saw of this was but now it says DO NOT BUY right on the site so I made another.

Here is a video of it working


Update: Applying the pose now behaves as expected. You will still have to reset the length on the ‘Stretch To’ constraint but the drivers update correctly.


WOW! Thank you so much for sharing, going to test this out this week.

Thank you very much for this great addon