BENDY BONE - Ready In One Click?


I’m a big fan of the Bendy Bone setup I saw here:

The thing is,
if I want to create different creatures using this setup it may take some time to do every time from scratch.

So I wonder if there is a script you may share that can create such Bendy-Bones “Ready to Use” (like in the video) make with one click? or something similar to it?

If I knew how to make scripts I would make one so it’s easy to join them together and build bendy-bone full skeleton for characters, Unfortunately I’m not a programmer and I do have a feeling that there is some kind of script by the time Bendy Bones are already famous since the first release long time ago.

Please share addons for such thing, Thanks ahead! :slight_smile:


I found this wonderful addon:

I tried a quick test in Blender 2.9 but the size of the mid part “Bone” are smaller compare to the manual way.

If there are others for different goals related to Bendy Bones, please share in this thread. :slight_smile: