Bendy bone?

Can anyone elaborate on how you can create a bone that is flexible. For example, if you wanted to rig a human spine, or maybe a flexible stick? Reading some tuts, i think you need to use Bbones, but it doesn’t seem to work…

Select one B-Bone and set the ‘Segments’ value higher than 1.



Well, I have set segment to 3 on 3 chained b-bones, and they do did not bend when I moved the bone at the end of the chain, with Automatic IK enabled.

I have set 1.000 as in and out values, and now the bones are bent, but I am not sure to understand what are the in and out values exactly…

What are the Bezier handles? Are they the bending influence of each tip of the b-bone?

Thanks in advance.


Salut Philippe,

try without Automatic IK, but use real constraints to Empties, for example (select tip of your last bone in the chain and press CTRL+I for quick-setting an empty as controller).

Tell us if it works better!



Thanks, I’ll try as soon as possible…

I’m attempting to animate a cop getting out of his car, and it is very hard and tedious!


you know, sometime IK isn’t the solution…
There is complicated scene I like to animate using good old FK. It’s just easier to get the movements right at first try.

That’s why we all try to get IK/fk switch into our armature.


I use IK for posing, but I insert a keys for of each bone moved using IK.

Is it the right way?


when using IK on a chain of bone you don’t need to keyframe all the chain, as they are not moving anyway. The IK deformation is applied after the ipo.
I’m sure if you check the ipo of a bone in the middle of your ik chain, you’ll have keyed the same poistion since the begining.

Hi Gabio!

I agree for classical IK used in IK chains, but Automatic IK is only for posing, I believe… Is it wrong?


True, Automatic IK actually move the bones around.

Thank’s a lot Gabio.

I have worked on my character, and I will upload the new test movie soon. This said, I have not used bendy bones for this time.

I have re-edited the stride bone curve for more accuracy.

For the next step, I will try to use constraints to make the feet follow the tangent of the trajectory, in order to avoid the sliding in the hard curves.

I will probably have to remove some keys, to allow more freedom and influence to the constraints. %|

To be followed…