Bendy bones curve in and out properties don't scale with the bone

When I use objects with size on the order of magnitude of 1cm (0.01 blender units) and apply bendy bones to them, curving in and out distorts the mesh disproportionately much. Even a curvature of 0.001 or 0.002 sends parts of the mesh into the skies, to the point this feature of bendy bones is not usable at this scale. Is it possible to make bendy bone curvature to scale with the bones?

Wow that’s pretty bad if that’s really the case. Does it work if you build the rig at a bigger size and then scale down the root? That should give you normal units to work with since the bendy bones will exist in the local space of the root you scaled?

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That works, thanks! I played around and found out that the trick is to scale down the bone/skeleton in object mode and then not apply the scaling. Object’s scaling is irrelevant.

While I am happy to hear the workaround works I do not think that is a smart thing to do. Unapplied scaling can lead to issues later on. I strongly advice you to perform any scaling on the root (or master or whatever you have called it) bone in pose mode. This will be the most reliable without any nasty side effects.

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Man, you do not want to do that!!! All sorts of dangers await you.

Cheers, Clock. :beers: