Bendy bones not bending

Hi, so I’m working on an animation of an Orca whale and needed to rig the orca whale using bendy bones. So I rigged the bendy bones in a parent-chain setting one bone to be the child of the last one and so on. But I needed the spine (which I cam using the bendy bones for) to start in the middle of the whale and go outward (front and back). But the bones won’t bend like they’re supposed to. It’s rotating but it’s not bending. I’ve uploaded the blend file so you can check it out but I definitely need help.


Orca Freedom 5.2.blend (5.47 MB)


here is the modified version :

I’ve used the old way of making bendy bones work, without custom handles.
Bones needs to be connected to make the bending append, see if that works for you if not you can look how custom handles work to have more control

Wow, Sozap! Thanks for fixing that for me. I didn’t expect someone to do that!