Bendy Bones Workflow?

There’s been some neat videos on the new bendy bones in Blender that’s shown things making rigs relatively easy, but there’s still one thing that I haven’t seen demonstrated too clearly. (Maybe missed a demo of it?) The one video out there with the chicken rig seems to be straight forward (easiest to follow so far), but it’s still missing a detail or two.

It seems you can set the bend of the bendy bones in edit mode to get much better weighting. The problem is that doing this makes some stuff behave odd in pose mode. I saw some mention of a correction to avoid “double transformation” in one of the bendy bone information pages, but I had trouble getting a good result.

I’m wondering if there’s some particular workflow for bendy-bones that start out with a curve setting from edit mode. (Rest pose in thing being rigged is curved, so bendy bones are adjusted to match.) My guess is something doesn’t set right unless a particular order is followed, but I’m still not sure.

I’ll admit this new rigging feature is pretty cool though, as it seems like more is possible with a much simpler rig.

i play at the moment also with the bendy bones and its true that the result seams sometimes a little odd. My personal workflow for the b-bones is one straight line. If you use a In and Out handle then they have to be in one line …it is easy visible if the Normal view is activated …just extrude the handle in the normal direction on the curved BBone and you will see no difference between edit and pose mode.

This is a script that add handles automatic

and here a video aubout easy rigging