Benjamin Botton, 300 arrows doodle stuffs

Some test I did last year with Blender 2.49
they are not ment to be finished project, but as I don’t have more time to work at them, I posted here.



Hi Piro

Good stuff man

I have asked last year about the effect like bottn (this thread)but i have failed to obtain a resulte, please can you give me some explanation about the botton animation (animation, texturing)


Hi dragondz,
actually I had a look to your thread last year and actually I do not remember really well how I did :smiley:
but if I remember something I duplicate one botton to get the amount you see. I tried to randomize a little but I don’t know how to script so it was by hand.
After that I used the physical sim of the game engine to make them falling down to the ground.
Now there’s the hard job :smiley:
I used the same texture for all the object and the texture is exactly what you see. It is of the same dimension of the camera.
After that i had to unwrap all the uv of all the different botton with the project from view option. It didn’t took me so long but I wish I would have some knowledge of scripting. But I didn’t
that’s it. Probably I forgot something, but at the beginning I thought about cashing the texture to each single botton, but this would have need that I mapped a single different texture to each object, and probably it would have took even more.

ah, obviously I built the uv when the botton were in their final pose so it didn’t matter the initial pose they would have reached the final image position.
Hope I did help you :smiley:

Loved the arrow simulation, very cool. Howd you get them to stick in the ground?

300 anyone? :wink:

Thanks anyway Piro

@ AD

well :slight_smile: I do not remember right now. I f I remember something i can say that there’s an option in the particles engine in Blender that make them stick to the surface where they collide and you can also give a value of penetration.
i do not have blender here at work, and I cannot be more specific, sorry.

Thats ok! Sounds like an interesting feature of the particle engine though, I havent used it like that before. Will look into it if I ever need such a thing :yes:


Just yesterday I tried to figure out the same thing (again).
It’s quite easy.

You do as Piro said (let the blender game engine simulate the falling), but you don’t use UV mapping.
You let the buttons fall. Then you go to the point where no more objects are moving. You put the camera in the right position (above), add a texture to the buttons/cubes and activate “win” under “map input”. That projects the texture right onto the buttons/cubes.
Now you have to make all those buttons/cubes sticky. Go to Editing (F9) and click on “sticky make” in the Mesh tab. As far as I understand that saves the current texture coordinates.
After you’ve done that to all objects, you change the “map input” to “sticky”:

That’s pretty much it.
I made a blend file real quick. Hope it helps.
(couldn’t attach it because it’s too big. maybe because of the cubes?)