Benjamin Discovery Air Rifle

Hey, check it out! :smiley: I got this finally done! Getting back to architecture now! :smiley:

And here is a turn table… Sort of… More like a downward spiral! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks! :smiley:

Nice topology!

Great piece Joey! It might just be me but it seems a bit on the glossy side? Other than that, great modeling!

Thanks Terrance! :smiley:
Blender_Mania, that’s a true compliment from you sir. I really admire your work :slight_smile: The Glossy is there on purpose… The stock on a Benjamin Discovery is very glossy. :slight_smile: Thanks! :smiley:

You planned on selling this, right?

Yes… I haven’t been accepted though… It is available on CG Trader though…

You might want to offer several different file formats, like .obj and .3ds so more people can use the model.:slight_smile:

Yeah, but Blender Models don’t import well into other software, and I’ve had several complaints… If this is true, then I don’t want people spending $10, on something they really can’t even use :frowning:

Yeah, softwares don’t play nice with each other.:stuck_out_tongue:

Nope… Not at all :frowning: LOL! It’s all for business! :stuck_out_tongue: