Benji the puppy WIP

Here is a WIP of my latest work. As you can see there is going to be lot of fur work here. Thinking of using cycles only for the dog and a BI render for the BG. Don’t know how its gonna work out.

Critiques and suggestions welcome :wink:

Looks pretty awesome, most CGI dogs from memory have large eyes, this little fella has little eyes. No rules in art though, keep it going.

Here is a lighting WIP. Any thoughts ?

I’ve been facing some problems creating fur on Benji. The fur isn’t getting distributed on certain portions of the mesh.(its looking bald) I tried applying subdivisions to the mesh.Still the problem persists. I tired adding fur manually to those portions as well. Anyone any
solution. ?

This has happened to me as well, what I’ve found to be the problem 9 out of ten times is that there’s a triangle at that part of the mesh. Clear the triangle and it should work fine.

ah ! I just noticed the cheek portion has a pole…Could be because of that. But ear seems to be fine just quads. Here is my mesh.

Quick question, are you using Vertex groups with this?

Nope. I’m not using any vertex group.

Really, like I said, it’s a hit 'n miss solution, sorry :frowning: Anybody else got an idea?

Have you changed the distribution type to something other than ‘jittered’, because I think the other types do a much better job on ensuring that all faces have coverage?

The puppy looks very sweet, I like how a pup will just squirm onto your lap and allow you to pet its soft baby fur (as long as it doesn’t chew a pillow or take a leak on the rug)

Why do my UVs look distorted when I unwrap a planar object ? I tried changing the unwrap method, conformal and angle based . Did not help…

Tough question to answer but there was a tutorial I once saw with Seams marked similarly to yours. Following Active Quads (by Length) helped and so did UVs > Pack Islands in the UV Editing gooey. That would square everything up but I don’t know if that will help you without some more Seams. I know it sure is frustrating though.

Greg Zaal from Blendernerd gave me this solution and it works ! First pin the corner vertices and unwrap .Then manually straighten the edges, pin and then unwrap again …

For you hair problem, did you check the direction of the normals, the preview images look fine though… just a thought

I am having the same problem here. Can you tell me how did you go about this?

I only have quads, tried recalculating, flipping and double checking my faces direction. Also tried deleting and putting the face again but it’s still the same.

Comments and suggestions welcome :slight_smile: