Benjy Bloom cartoon

UPDATE: …introduction…

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to plug the cartoon I’m making. Would seriously appreciate any feedback. Thanks a bunch and please follow if you like


Hey, looks good. Would love to see more. I bet rendering that fur was a nightmare.

Yes, there’s no simulation, so there’s problems with fur overlapping/with mesh etc. and all hair related problems:) So, it’s ok for mid-distance I guess.

The animation look very good. Give us MORE!! :slight_smile:

Great result :smiley:

Yes, there’s no simulation, so there’s problems with fur overlapping/with mesh etc

Putting a collision modifier or force field on the mesh might help with this.

@rich66: …hhm, yes that does keep the hair movement down/(chaos) in general. But adding that layer of sim slows things down heavily… :spin:
@msquared…soooon!:slight_smile: Thanks

Hey! new animation (above)…

this is wonderfull

HI. looks very nice.
waiting to see the continuation of the video…

Nice! I really like the overall feeling of the character and animation! The character is a bit similar to something I’ve been brainstorming for a good number of months now (albeit casually). Well, similar in that it’s a similar animal, but not a beaver, haha.

I’m curious about the fur. How much fur did you put on the character? How long did it take to render one frame? How does it look when you do a close-up shot of the character (e.g. face)?

This looks pretty cool

Love what you do with the folding paper! Very natural and fits with the character movment and his handling the pages.

Nice work!
some noise issues, did you check the “randomize seed” switch?
also I’ve got the feeling that a bit of color correction and color grading are missing.

Hi guys - thks for all the comments (only just seen them as did not get any notifications:(?

Anyways, there will be another video (already finished:) coming soon…hopefully this week. But the ‘production rate’ is slow,as I’m doing this on the side, plus other occasional ‘spur of the moment’ animations I can’t resist:o

I’ve got another exciting community animation I’m sharing soon!!

(…so much for the 1 video a week plan hehe :no::spin:!!)

Stay tooned and please do follow @hey_Benjy for progress.

Thanks @S-Markt!

@@0o00o0oo rendertimes pretty low: for the beaver only at the long shot distance in these videos about 1 minute. I render out the objects (like post, trees etc.) in different passes and then composite after.
yes, confession…a facial close up looks pants!
To create the amount of needed fur and model/shader polish would be difficult for me. And at close-up you need some kind of sim too (for movement)

@ @Blurfoot Yes, i do like to try and tackle object-character interaction as much I can on an amateur level with use of shape keys and object switching to try and create things like the tearing paper etc.

@ @lsscpp no randomized seed, will give that a go; sadly I’m not the best compositor!!:slight_smile: