Benjy Bloom


Ok, the first episode/sketch finally here. Had this done few weeks back, but damn it, things just keep getting in the way!!

Hope you enjoy:)

Also I did a very bit of quick animation with Caterpillar Franck. Not sure if many people saw this at all, so here it is. Hope I didn’t touch a nerve atall, by using this character?
I always thought his initial reaction would be something …more like this, giving his vocalisation about his hooves n all…

Excuse my dulcet tones,…what is it with animators and voices

Okay, that was fun to watch. You did a great job on creating the texture on the bark of the tree. As comical as it is, I do have one thing that kind off was weird. It looks like they were twitch a bit when they move.

The disney-like intro from old cartoons is a nice touch. It looked off when the tree fell. Sorta slow. Much thanks for the work.

Thanks XeroShadow. Duly noted, i think the the twitching you sense is in part due to all the hair problems, disappearing through the mesh etc. and vice versa. You might see the hands vanish sharp into his ‘belly’(hair) at one point?:slight_smile: But also, I have tried to move them a bit in a cartoon way with what I’ve made…
Yes Drawingisdead will try and make things bit quicker. The next one’s faster!

At first I thought the twitching was intentional and I found it great. Hair animation must be a pain, I never tried yet, and don’t envy you… ;-p