Hey guys figured it was about time I moved one of my projects to focused critiques. Meet Benny, a one time gangster. I honestly need to some feed back now, As of Now I am tweaking the shader, and the background which will be a portrait like setting. I will also be posting some different lighting situations that I feel better enhance the mood. I feel seeing as the idea is set, I figure the WIP part is done, but hey, I am kind of random like that. So anyway, If you feel that this needs to be sent back into WIP then tell me. Original WIP

lit with ONLY one spot light behind it ( testing the shader)

Different pose:



my dog’s name is benny…he’s small and white and fluffy…so the name is kinda ruined for me. :stuck_out_tongue:

but cool character. the lips are the number one non-convincing thing for me.
you should give him some stubble. like just some simple, weight-paint particles.

Thanks working on the stubble, but I can’t get the particles to look convincing. I did a spin around with a single spot light giving you a rep, of the shader, oh, no SSS, and the bump and spec aren’t mapped, I think what I have achieved with such is pretty cool. Oh and the shader test

looks good(still ;P)

I know it’s a test, but is it cause of the bump and spec that he now looks more red?
He looks to red.
It could be my pc, it sometimes make movies look more red, Nvidia messes that up!

The video has the same colors as the pic

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So it’s my PC. Sorry for the disturbance. Continue the pictures and videos!

How about teeth? Anybody want to give there two cents?

um…hmm…Maybe toony(simplified) in nature, but with some goody dirty yellow textures.
OF course, what are toony teeth?..

Clean teeth with one that’s gold.
Try to get the teeth just as nice as in The Incredibles. I love that movie!! Especially the making of videos, I love the whole DVD!

dammit, well I am doing something wrong… what do you think should I even bother with the goatee?


Id say give up, or just make a UV texture…
Particles dont look good, unless you turn up the particles up to like 100000

agreed sincerely

The Particle System needs render improvements. Also “Simulation” is a phase that you should activate later. First finish the model, then finish the texture, after that try to simulate particles and fake some so you’ll save rendertime.Watch the vertex count. Those also high up the rendertime offcourse. I’m sure you already knew that.

the prob is that ‘filling the octree’ takes forever especially at high values…

Which is one thing I hate about the particles(and they’re looking so good now too :frowning: )

wistles did you look at the wire frames? the one with the particles took only seconds!

oh, Im saying wehn you have some nice long animated fur(at 100,000 no less) and then try to render. Not bad.

Stick it on top of a plane(that recieves shadows), adds like 1-2 minutes to the render time

look whose rigged!


ha, nice job man :slight_smile:

model looks good still…

Is this maybe a bug on Benny or a location that needs some rig fixing:

What are those two dots? Overlapped faces?

EDIT: Comment on an old update. The image with the spots behind the ears does look sweet and ugly at the same time. Does it not need to be a bit more red and soft?