Blender 2.65 and Yafaray, with some noodling in the compositor. The colour isn’t quite right, but its acceptable, especially as its so hard to tune when the compositing changes it.

wowwwwwww luks really cool…great work i need this drink…

It seems to me that the deserving never get into Forum Gallery. The Matrix of BA is very very screwed up.

Amazinig work. ‘Applauds’.



Looks incredible! I really like the reflections on the objects! Did you use a HDR just for the reflections but put in your own background. I’ve never used Yafaray but it seems to be pretty awesome.

Curses, I really want a whiskey now.

This is really well done.

Have you tried Glare Node in composition? If you have, remove it. It would look better

Looks like a professional photo for advertising, bravo!

It’s good, but I think it looks too soft/blurry from the compositing. Reduce the strength of all the effects and maybe increase the contrast of the image a bit and I think it will look great.

get the ice out of that whiskey, plus don’t drink good whiskey from a rocks glass.

as for the render, it looks great. I agree with the post pro comments. I would love to see a comparison with the cycles render engine on something like this, especially given the node set ups for fluids that seem to be floating everywhere right now.

My bet is on yafaray, but still curious

Is that whiskey any good? I have a ton of bourbons (being an American) but hardly any scotch and only one single malt.

good render btw.

The .hdr does contribute some light to the scene as well as reflections. There are also two lights and four portals. The portals take their colour from the environment, and I placed two of them behind the glass objects for back lighting and to provide the interesting refracted hot spots.

The background is a curved plane.

Here is a screenshot of the lights:-

Here is one with the ‘misty-eyed’ compositing turned down. The glow does seem to become concentrated in the smaller images and is less noticeable when viewed full size.

I never drink it with ice or water, but ice does look nice in pictures, especially backlit.
I use one of these:-

To be honest, I prefer the Bruichladdich, it is creamier, more lemony and less woody.
That said, all organic whiskies are still young. They are only six years old or so, and still have some ‘rough’ edges. I’m sure sure they will improve significantly with age.

i was about to say too much glare/soft mist, but i see already fixed that
also one more subdiv level on the glass objects should help with distorted reflections (very nicely done btw), since it shows them not smooth enough
overal very nice render

Looks like a professional photo for advertising

I would not say this… i would say that this is close to… just a bit of better post production and background lightening and yes… then it would be.

Very good work.

Was the liquid a done with a fluid sim… looks tasty, great job!

No, it’s a glass material with an ior of 1.33

tell us about render time im curious :slight_smile:

I really like the liquid in that glass, although it isn’t actual liquid.

I didn’t keep notes(render time really isn’t an issue for stills), but it was around 60 - 90 mins at 1920, 8 - 10 passes(around 300 samples), which was more than necessary, using Pathtracing on an old i5 760 @ 2.8GHz.

Wow i love the liquid part :smiley: