Ben's Flame Tests - now with .blend

Without volumetrics, raytracing, even particles…

Can be changed to a fair few shapes, but can overall only go in one general direction because the movement is controlled by procedural textures being dragged by empties. Getting close to playing with the file so it’s neat enough to put online.

Currently rendering an animation test of a more colourful flame to be used in a mock advert, which should also be finished in the near future. Enjoying a nice little ‘finishing things off’ phase at the moment.

very nice, like the colours too
how did you do it?

Wow, this is like Houdini :slight_smile:

Im on dial up so no point checking out the vid, but the image is very impressive - Coloured flames.

Renaming things now on the coloured fire one. Shouldn’t take too long to get this .blend online. It’s effectively the same materieals and such as the Batman fire , but with all the post pro done in Blender. And differently coloured, obviously.

I like to think of this one as more of a ‘Harry Potter’ sort of fire.

The setup can be tweaked simply by changing the speed that the empties move and the scale of the textures, as shown in the following video:

Edit - Blend file now attached for the coloured flames.

ColouredFlameBD.blend (281 KB)

Oh, also credit where credit is due. I’ve changed things a lot, but the general idea came from here. - the flame by ‘Sensei’ - cheers if you are or have been this user!

Great! This is the most convincing fire effect that i’ve seen! And with a curious technic. Great! Very nice! Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for sharing this.

The cool bit, the flame has real dimensional depth… just the thing for a bit of stereographic imaging without having to resort to volumetrics…

A quick test for anyone with some red/blue glasses on hand…


That first flame is the best I’ve seen so far in blender, yeah houdini eat your heart out! Well done.

That looks pretty sweet!
(we just got some 3d glasses, lol!)

I couldn’t go to vimeo, so I downloaded the .blend and rendered the animation myself.
It looked awesome! But I couldn’t use my computer for 2 days, lol.

Pretty realistic looking.
And looking at the Node set up, pretty advanced for this NON (noob-on-nodes).
I’ll have to study that one for awhile.
Thanks for posting.

I just received some pro-x anaglyph glasses from rainbow symphany. They are very good and this flame looks awesome with them.

Ben- incredible flame man, I especially like the bat! lol

Ben please please please make a tutorial for this :slight_smile: Fire has got to be the ONE thing that is hard to do and…this looks awesome :slight_smile: (I know theres a blend, but step-by-step is always good)

Ben, you’re the man! :slight_smile: Thanks so much for sharing. I’ll dig into this (and probably sneak off on work hours). =o)


Step by step shouldn’t be too hard to write up, but juggling time between a few things at the moment. Will keep you posted.

Edit - from the sounds of it I’ll need to get some 3D glasses…

Simply Fantastic! and many thanks for share the .blend.


Here another red/blue glasses render.

Much more detailed. :smiley:


How do you do that?

To do the anaglyph (red/blue) 3d, I started with the linked tutorial and tweaked it up slightly to make the colors work with my glasses, then used BenDansie’s hard work as the subject.

I’ve been searching for how to do that, but couldn’t find anything…

This is a really nice idead and technique. Good work. And thank you for the blend file. It helped alot to understand on how you did it.