Ben's sketchbook/clay/speedpaint thread. (Nudity)

I thought I’d start a thread to get feedback on some of my 2D stuff, as I’m trying to improve it at the moment.

A few from photo reference:

And a random one:

Hey I really like your shading, and the moody/dreamy atmosphere these kind of invoke. I’m also into art in my own way, having started at a late age and merely a small span at that too, and with next to none in instruction apart from what I gathered from this wonderful forum and books.
You have put plenty of time into your execises and in a way I really envy you for that as plenty of details appear in your works. Look forward to more of your images . . .
Sorry I can critic, already I am using your images for inspiration and instructions as to where I can improve.

Thank you for your kind words kbot.

I started late too. I was never any good at art in school. But a teacher of mine (English, not art) did show me some of his paintings once, and said how he had never been that good at it either, but he knew he would get better with practice. His paintings are beautiful (some sell for hundreds of pounds), and if ever I look at mine and feel disappointed, I think about how someday they’ll be better, and that’s usually enough. Looking back i can already see a sizeable improvement over the past couple of years.

By the way, if you want a good book for studying art (particularly drawing) I reccomend any of Loomis’ ones. Most of them are out of print now, but there are pdfs floating out there on the internets (search around at CGSoc, or PM me if you get stuck).

Looks good so far. I’d recommend using the smudge tool to smudge some of your marks better together. I know you like steam punk and would like to see some drawings in that genre - of course that is if your interested in drawing them.

I try not to use the smudge tool too much for blending tones, though it has it’s place if used correctly.
Here’s one from today that I did for the CGTalk Daily Sketch Forum:

I really like the lighting in the fish tank scene.

I bought some Chavant NSP clay recently. And after a read through Glen Southern’s tutorial I’ve been having a go with it, here’s my first proper result:

You are doing really well. You have a great sense of composition (especially with colors) in my opinion.

The palm of the hand sculpted looks great. Not so sure about the other side though.
Looking forward to more of your sculpts (in both clay and blender)

Another DSF image, I think I’ll keep them here as a record of my progress:
Theme: John Rambo
Time: 2hrs in GIMP, used ref (link)

More DSF
Theme: “The Mark”
Time: 2.5hrs, painted in GIMP

Not so happy with this one, just a scrappy DSF.
Theme: The new guy
Time: 20-30mins in the GIMP

Hey Ben, I love the hand you’ve sculpted, thought the fingers could do with a little thickening. Also, “The Mark” is great, I’d love to see more original stuff. Using ref is always good, but straight copying it, while good for learning some things, retards the growth of other skills. Flex your imagination man!

Thanks Dim. I agree about straight copying reference, I usually try and add something of my own into the mix too. It’s useful for learning anatomy/proportions though.
Here’s my DSF for today, no ref this time (and it shows - that arm looks weird.):
Theme: Ego
Time: 50mins, GIMP.

Clouds done using some brushes I’ve been making for the GIMP. I have to say that in general GIMP has a pretty poor brush engine compared to other programs, and the selection of brushes does little to help. Apparently the ability to rotate brushes is planned for 2.7 though, and fingers crossed that will also allow for aligning the brush with the stroke direction too!

Edit: And another one for today.
Theme: Full sail
Time: 45 mins

i really dig your stuff. I also would like to get better at painting. Definitely going to take a look at Loomis’ art .PDFs.

Another clay piece, still a WIP. My first attempt with building a full character starting with an armature. Proportions are a bit on the tall side I think, and the head is too small. No real work on the legs yet either.

Wasn’t happy with the anatomy on the previous post, so I scrapped it. Did some studies today, using Bridgman’s Constructive Anatomy, which is a beautiful book. You can find it on google scribd too! Link

Nice studies Ben. I have most of Bridgman’s books, including the one you checked out. This guy is expensive but if you have the cash it is helpful to have.

Yeah I’d love an ecorche figure like that. It’s on my list.

You can download a digital version here:

There is a female version too, but that is closer to $300.

And some more, a mix of anatomy and cartoons this time for some reason.