Benson - Regular Show

Howdy everybody, this is my first post so I figured I’d dive in with a character render I finished recently, but modelled ages ago only to be hindered by my old graphics card :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m a big fan of Regular Show and was already making a gumball machine for a bit of hard surface modelling practice. Figured I’d go the extra step and turn it into Benson.

Also here’s a turnaround video of him.

I can’t really remember the stats other then the fact that he was rendered with Cycles at only about 300 samples but at 1920 x 1080 with my intention being that I would be resizing to hide some of the noise.

Also I couldn’t really get the mouth to work right by modelling it directly into the character so I just made it separately with a masked holdout material cutting off the edges of it so I could composite it in After Effects later (still learning how to use the blender compositor)

Thank You


Wicked man! Cool character!!!

Thanks dude! Glad you like him.

Also here’s an “anger montage” of the character. You can get an idea of how insane he is.