Bentley W.I.P

Realy hard for me to create this model,becouse i cant fit right blueprint,and can help me with some tutorials about blueprint and modeling?:rolleyes:

is this your first car?

Actually,i never,never manage to create car model,becouse i have problem whit that blueprints,and cant,just cant fit blueprint to all view point of blender.Always have smoe inccorect view in side,front,top…And this is some other TRY:( to create good model,but its so hard to work whit inccorect view point in blender:confused: .Maybe i have problems whit me…i dont know,but i love to model on:) Really like this programs and evry time have fun whit Blender.:wink:

Well bud, I gotta tell you the numpad 5 key is your friend. If I understand you correctly, I ran into that problem myself. If the background image isn’t appearing when you hit numpad 1,7, or 3 then hit numpad 5 and you should see it. If you hit it again, it will disapear. I hope that this has helped.

No,i have problem whit dimension;size

:confused: I think,that i make things wrong:(

I am not the one saying anything regarding your mesh but show the wires to people here and they can give you help. I am starting to learn Blender and the GUI is giving me a real fight :slight_smile:

As written before, have a look at at this (page 40):

Edit: sentence…

You’re quite right. First, loose the subsmelt modifier please. You will have to get the shape of the car right without it. Only after that you can apply it. Or rather, you first have to understand what the subsmelt modifier actually does.

I’m calling the subsurface modifier subsmelt because your model looks like you modelled the Bentley out of wax and heated it a tad too much. I hope you can cope with a bit of humour.

Getting serious though, you mentioned difficulties with the blueprints. So here’s how I do it:
What you see here is basicly just a default cube scaled to the size of the car by entering length height and width into the n-key window. After that I split the sides up, moved them one click outwards while holding ctrl key. Then I mapped the blueprint views onto them.

And a tip: Use blender’s splines to trace the lines in the prints and build yourself a 3d blueprint of the car prior to modelling. (Don’t forget to turn the spline to 3d mode in it’s edit mode buttons)
This will help you to negotiate between the different views, since they usually don’t line up perfectly. (The blueprints usually have tolerances so they don’t match up 100%)
Here’s how that looks like:

Hope this helps you to start off properly. Please feel free to ask if you feel like something’s missing in the explanation.

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lee qid - AWESOME, truly awesome!

“you moddeled the bentley out of wax and heated it a tad too much.” :smiley:

Thanks for help,and really whit UV texture blueprint,like you say is much easy and much authenticity to modelling a car.

Thanks to all comments in my trouble,but i abandon this project,because all method are wrong.