Check out Beowulf. Great CG stuff. sometimes it looks real. Parts, like riding on horses does not look that good but the best realism that i have seen.


i want to see it…and isnt this for off topic chat?

The 3d version (with glasses) was definitely cool, and the story was quite good as well, but although it’s better than the Polar Express with its living dolls, it’s still far from realistic.

Watch those faces… when someone spoke, you couldn’t see any muscles move around the mouth.

Especially the queen was quite horrible in her facial performance.

I agree about the queen ( she didn’t even look like Robin Wright Penn) but the Anthony Hopkins, Malkovich, Angelina, looked very accurate.


I was dissapointed. Angelina in 3-D? yes. More than forty five seconds of her? no.

I never saw any marketing for it and one of my friends was going to see it and invited me, so when I arrived I was expecting a normal movie with actual actors…
At first it looked realistic, but then it got a close-up on the faces and I realized it was a 3-D animation… Angelina looked fantastically real (except that she had a massive golden pony-tail that moved by itself), but all the other characters looked fake…

Angelina in 3-D? yes. More than forty five seconds of her? no.

Interesting…maybe I’ll force myself to see it now.

As a friend said, “I like my movies to contain more than Angelina’s lips.”

Its not pure animation but motion capturing and much texturing and wrapping.

The thing that I noticed was that their eyes looked “dead” - no life or spark in them. I, too, saw it in 3D and thot it was going to be hokey, but it turned out to be very effective, adding to the movie’s impact quite nicely.

The most incredible scene, from a CG technical sense, was when Beowulf was lying on the beach near the end. Some artist must’ve put in some serious overtime on his face for this one -the textures and tears were amazingly realistic. No, they’re not there yet in replacing real actors with CG, but its certainly getting closer. Oh, and the (essentially nude) Angelina was well worth the ticket price. SCHWIIINNG!