Beretta 92FS


I started work on a Beretta a few days ago. I’ve already done a fair bit of work on it but I’ll post some pictures of my progress up until this point.

Drew up the topology of the gun.

Blocked out/Solidified the frame.

Solidified and shaped the slide.

Added some details and some bevel to the frame.

Added some details to the slide and applied the bevel. Also added the hammer

Made up a test render, at the moment it’s just a PBR gold material.

I’ve added some small details to the gun as well as fleshing out the magazine well. I’m not sure what level of detail I want to go to with this gun on the interior, but I want to at least be able to see the magazine well and in to the barrel.

I’ve done some work on the magazine, it was a bit difficult to get the proportions right (they might still be wrong). I haven’t made any bullets to go with it yet.

I’ve made an animation for it. There are some details I still haven’t modeled yet but I think I’m going to stop this project here in favor of other projects/school.