Beretta m9

yeah, i tried that, and believe me, that gave one wacked out result, i´ll just try setting the disp down, and see if that´ll help.

problem solvet, woot.:smiley:


I would like to see a close up on the logo. thanks.

sure, here you go.


The stones look much better. Now, just dirty it up, add some scratches, and add some smoke. At the end of this, you will have one great image to go with your Tut. (Which i have yet to look at LOL, with the rave reviews it got, it is on my To do list.)

Wow, that’s good looking all around. The casings are still a little bland, but I think there are three things you need on them to get them right:

  • Mild reflections
  • An orderly “brushed” texture running up and down the casing (not too deep of strokes though!)
  • A more randomized “scratch/nick/smudge” texture (again, not too deep, just enough to be seen, and deeper than the brushed one)

Everyone is talking about all the need for random scratches…but can’t the gun just be new?

THANK YOU!:smiley: i was thinking that. besides, trying to make those scratches look good was killing me.:yes:

Barrel ID is way to big. Maybe even too big for a .45 Cal. Try making the ID smaller, this will make the barrel thicker.

uhmm. what is ID?

inner diameter?

Oh, I wasn’t talking about scratches on the gun…the gun can be brand new and flawless. The casings should definitely have imperfections though. After all, those things are pressed, filled, jostled around in the factory, boxed, shipped, jostled around some more, then dumped out of the box, pushed into a spring-loaded magazine, and clatter against plenty more metal as they’re cycled, fired, ejected, bouce around, and finally come to a stop.

Gun can be new, but the casings shouldn’t be :-).

You noticed that too? I wasn’t sure if it was just me, so I didn’t bother saying anything. It does seem just a tad wide though.

Even if the gun were new, it apparently has been fired, so there would be some scratches on at least the barrel. Basically, it is an artistic choice, if you want a clean gun, leave it clean and like Crytopic said, at least scratch up the casings.

ok, this should be better,


nice, but shouldn’t the bullets should have a dark ‘burned’ patch on them? im no expert on guns so if i make no sense pay no attention. :slight_smile:

i added some texture to the gun, i think it looks pretty good, how about you?


dude, that’s pretty sweet!

It doesn’t look too “new” or anything, I like it a lot actually. An idea for a scene, would be hanging on a pegboard, this would allow you to realistically put more harsh lighting that would show off the details you put into it./ just an idea tho : )

i had that idea actualy, like in a gunsalesman, i´m kindda tired right now, but i might to it later:D

here it goes.


I don’t think I have ever been to a gun store that has guns hanging on peg board. They are usually in Glass display cases. This looks a bit more like the Survivalists basement from the movie Tremors. He had tons of guns just hanging on his wall.