Hi everyone.
Here is one of my last scene inspired by Hitman game.
All made in a blender including post production.
Cycles, 100 samples on my slow render machine :smiley:
I hope you like it.


Nice work.

The model and the texturing look great. I also like the lighting with the gobo. The blood looks a little bit strange because everything else seems so clean, although gun and the bullets are lieing in the blood. I think there could also be some blood drops and splatters on the tiles. But thats only refinement.

Thank you Weisl.

Initially I wanted to put some blood splatter but ultimately decided against it. I had intended to create the effect of slow flowing blood.

How did you do that effect on the corners of the image? Like DoF?

Hi Bigbad.
This effect I achieved in post-production by lens distortion and some blur.
Here is a screenshot of little post-prod node, enjoy.


Thanks. Good model by the way.

This is an m1911 not a berreta good work though.