Berimbau - Brazilian Musical Instrument

Hi folks !!!

Now you’re gonna see a Brazilian native musical instrument.

Here in Brazil we play the Berimbau and dance Capoeira a kind of marcial art. I think its very cool.

One day when you visit Bahia in Brazil you will see the best of Brazilian music.

Give me your comments.

Tio Ilmo


Oh yes, much better than the boat.

I stayed in the marina in Bahia Salvador for 2 months (2 weeks of that in jail with the policia federal but that’s another story). Used to go watch the Capoeira at the front of the tourist center then buy fish at the military base entrance on the way back to the boat. 2nd nicest place in Brazil. Caravellas was the best.


Ah, um berimbau. E muito bem feito, so acho que a resolucao da textura e um bucado baixa. Eu tambem estou envolvido na Capoeira, so e que estou no Canada. :wink:

(in English: It’s very well done, I just think that the texture resolution is a little low. I’m also in Capoeira, except I’m in Canada.)

Hey Fligh, is the truck in your sig pic somewhere south of Green Bay, WI? I live in Milwaukee and always see it on my way to GB.