bernard bernouilli strikes back

title : bernard bernouilli strikes back
name : Bruno Dorbani
country : France
software : blender / photoshop


I modelled this caracter for a contest for the french forum “blender clan” and Sculpteo.

He is based on Bernard Bernouilli the game character of lucasart’s “Day of the tentacle” and I made him standing fighting the evil purple tentacle… obviouosly he won !

Blender 2.5 render branch used and post processed with photoshop.

by the way it’s the first time I attempt to finish a still, so I hope you like it!

oooh this brings back memories, I’d make the colours a bit more extreme tho, crank up the saturation :D\

maybe even try to find a more iconic place to do this, like in front of the machine or in front of the clock/secret entrance :wink:

looks great tho

very cool, man!

Hahaha! I looked at that and thought, “geez, that axe looks familiar”…

Thats cause I must have used the same reference that you did! :eyebrowlift2:

Hi guys thanks for your feedback !!

@ Biglines :For the more iconique place, It’s something I have in mind, but I think for a futur piece, I feel that distorted géometrie has it is in the game is very hard to make in 3d and look good, so I have to sharpen my skills before this one !!

I tryed to punch a bit more the color here :

I’m happy it please you namekuseijin

Hey LiquidApe, that’s axe just rock you know! I Just wanna choppe some wood or tentacle when I saw this one :D. I’m sure that you also awoke the barbarian inside of you!!